Dr. Kim Gainer

Professor Gainer holds the PhD and MA from The Ohio State University and a BA with Secondary Education Certificate from Rhode Island College. A specialist in Medieval and Renaissance literature, she also has an interest in the modern fantasy literature that has devolved from those earlier periods. Her professional activities include the following recent presentations: “Fair Field Full of Fantasy: The Dream Vision Reinvented for the Twentieth Century,” “Quest Through Alternative Worlds of Reading and Writing,” and “Getting Our Students to ‘Invest’ in the Value of Honesty.”  Other interests include the First Amendment and the evolving notion of ‘intellectual property.’ She has also studied and presented on the depiction of ‘adoption’ in literature for children and adolescents.  Dr. Gainer believes "You can't 'teach' writing by precept. You should provide students with opportunities to write, respond to their writing, and encourage them to respond to their writing." 

Contact: kgainer@radford.edu