The Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures (FORL) at Radford University offers instruction in seven languages: Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Latin, Russian and Spanish.  Why do Radford University students choose to learn a language and its target culture in our department? Our classes are comparatively small, and, through individual and hands-on classes, we can provide more individual attention to our students who establish close dynamic relationships with their instructors. Students also build meaningful friendships with other students studying our languages.

FORL study teaches students core skills rooted in the humanities that are transferable to myriad careers: critical thinking and careful close analysis of texts, research based on persuasive written & oral communication and a cross-cultural and cross-historical understanding.

Foreign language study at Radford University can also set students apart from the others by complimenting a second major.  In the 21 century, the ability to understand, speak, read and write in world languages, in addition to English, is critical to success in fields related to business, medical, criminal justice, research and international relations. The United States needs more people to speak languages other than English and to become familiar with the other cultures in order to provide social and legal services for a changing population.

Students who study a foreign language go on to do amazing things: professional schools, top-notch employment at home & abroad and terrific travel opportunities around the world.


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