Philosophy and Religious Studies

At Radford University, an education in philosophy and religious studies will equip you to become an excellent critical thinker and problem solver, ready to engage in a multicultural and global workforce.

Comprised of five core faculty members and a number of part-time professors, PHRE (our shorthand for the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies) is a tight-knit community of learners and practitioners who are focused on using our scholarship to increase knowledge and sharpen professional skills, to mentor our students and each other on paths to success in work and in life.

PHRE faculty celebrate with recent department graduate Heavon Ratcliff, inducted into Theta Alpha Kappa, the national academic honor society in religious studies.

Our department offers six programs:

Many students complete our Ethics Minor or our Religious Diversity for Care Professions Minor in order to improve their preparation for entry into professional fields, including nursing, law, business, politics, education, public health, social work, and many other fields. 

Philosophy and Religious Studies majors find their way into all career fields, including law, business and finance, education, nonprofit, and medicine. Our alumni hold many different types of jobs, including: project manager, admission counselor, psychologist, and teacher, bioethics program director, psychologist, and marketing coordinator.

Not only that, our majors outscore other majors on the LSAT, GRE, and GMAT, making Philosophy and Religious Studies an excellent pathway to prepare for law school or advanced study in a wide range of disciplines. Philosophy and Religious studies majors are also among the highest mid-career earners. 

Graduates with a B.A. or B.S. in Philosophy and Religious Studies can expect: 9.1% increase projected in jobs in the next 10 years nationally $79.2K median annual salary nationally 5,509 average job openings annually in Virginia