Welcome to the Law Society at Radford University

The Law Society brings together current students who are interested in the legal profession with alumni in the legal field. For current students, the Law Society offers multiple ways to explore and enhance your academic experiences while expanding professional development and mentorship opportunities. For alumni, the Law Society provides a way for Radford graduates to share what they have learned in law school and their careers, engage with current students, and network with other Radford University alumni. 

The program focuses upon three areas: 


  • Facilitating preparation for the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT).
  • Radford is unique in that it offers students the opportunity to apply for LSAT Prep Course Awards..
  • The Law Program also includes annual advising sessions to answer a variety of questions, inlcuding selecting a law school, navigating the law school application process, and financing law school.


  • The Law Program is not a formal major or minor.
  • The program includes a carefully selected series of courses from a variety of departments, providing students with a broad introduction to the law by leveraging faculty expertise in: Business, Criminal Justice, Philospohy / Logic, Political Science, as well as many other fields.
  • Coursework includes experiential learning, such as mock trial and moot court courses in Radford's new courtroom.  


  • 3+3 Program with Appalachian School of Law: This accelerated dual degree program and a preferential admission program provides a fast track to a career in law, allowing you to join the legal profession one year earlier. After three years of undergraduate study, you do not return to Radford for a senior year; rather, you enter Appalachian School of Law as a full-time, first year law student. The program will save you one year’s worth of tuition and time.
  • 3+3 Program with George Mason University: This innovative program allows Radford students to complete three years of undergraduate study at Radford before transferring to GMU's Law School for the final three years needed to complete both a bachelor's degree from Radford and a law degree from GMU.  This reduces the time to graduate with a bachelor's degree and law degree by one year.  
  • Law Society: This organization brings together students and the community for an annual series of events focusing upon timely issues in the law.  Past speakers have included a former Chief Justice for the Virginia Supreme Court and a U.S. District Court and FISA Judge. 

If you have any questions about the Law Society, our undergraduate offerings, or ways to be involved as an alumni, please contact either Dr. Allyson Yankle (ayankle@radford.edu) or Don Martin (dwmartin1@radford.edu).

Contact Law Advising


Allyson Yankle, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor | Law Advisor
College of Humanities & Behavioral Sciences
Department of Political Science


Mr. Donald Martin
Instuctor | Mock Trial Team Coordinator
College of Humanities & Behavioral Sciences
Department of Crimnal Justice