Radford Army ROTC is an exciting and challenging college program whose goal is preparing college students to be US Army leaders.  Our graduates are commissioned as Second Lieutenants in the United States Army and sent to further training in one of 16 duty branches such as the Infantry, Armor, Aviation, Quartermaster, and Military Intelligence branches.

Join Army ROTC


Joining Radford Army ROTC is easy.  Add Military Science (MSCI) 111 to your course list if you are a Radford University freshman.  This is usually done during your QUEST freshman orientation. 

If you are a sophomore, the Military Science Office will have to assist you because you will need an override to add the appropriate military science course.

If you are about to begin your Junior year (have 2 years remaining at RU), and can fit a 32 day ROTC training program (end of June - end of July) into your summer, we have a program for you!

Either way, stop by the military science department office located in Hemphill Hall 3301.  We are down hall from Starbucks!

Scholarship Information

Help with Paying For College

Are you an out-of-state student, or need assistance in paying for college?  The Virginia National Guard may be able to assist you.  

  • In-State tuition rates for out-of-state students.
  • Tuition assistance program that pays up to $24,000 per year in tuition.
  • Supplementary income earned from monthly drill activity.

Benefits of ROTC

Why join Army ROTC? There are a lot of advantages to joining Army ROTC:

  • Support:  Our detachment is small. As a member, you would be a member of a close knit community who takes care of their own.  If you need help, our cadre are there to provide you with personalized assistance.
  • Physical Fitness:  While you are here at Radford University buffing up your mind, we make sure that your body isn't neglected.  While this may make you sore at first, you will feel much better in the end.  We do get up early, but you get to see the sun rise.  Isn't that a good thing? 
  • A job lined up for after graduation:  You graduate as a Commissioned Officer in the United States Army.  Choose to go into the Active Army and that means a steady satisfying employment for at least four years, and for as long as you want to serve.  Health care is included (after commissioning), and the ability to retire after 20 years of service.  Service in the Army Reserve or National Guard will allow you serve your Country part time while pursuing the profession of your choice during the week.  Your unit will be a valuable network for finding employment.
  • Fiscal support:  Once a Cadet contracts (Eligible after their first year of ROTC) they are eligible for 10 monthly stipends of $420 per month to help defray the cost of their education.  This does incur a committment to serve in the US Army.
  • Nursing:  The Radford University School of Nursing (SON) provides additional benefits for Army ROTC Cadets.  Army ROTC nursing Cadets will be granted up to five guaranteed seats for acceptance into the nursing program if they have a GPA of 3.0 or better and meet all other academic acceptance requirements.  Additionally, ROTC Nursing Cadets can recieve up to 2 academic credits and 90 clinical hours for attending the Army's Nurse Summer Training Program (NSTP) during the summer after their junior year.


Snow, MAJ ROTC Headshots_resized_Fall_2022

MAJ Drew Snow
Detachment Officer in Charge (OIC)
Assistant Professor of Military Science (APMS)
MS IV (Seniors) Instructor



Major Cooper Henry 150 by 225_20240305_001

MAJ Maajo Cooper-Henry
Assistant Professor of Military Science (APMS)
MS II (Sophomores) Instructor



sfc_jeremy_brown resized for website_20231107_001

SFC Jeremy Brown
Military Science Instructor (MSI)
MS III (Juniors) Instructor




Brian Francis
Senior Military Science Instructor (SMSI)
MS I (Freshmen) Instructor
Recruiting Operations Officer (ROO)
Independent Study Instructor



Rick Harrison
Radford University
Administrative Assistant




SSG Sean Dement
Virginia National Guard Recruiter



ROTC National Scholarship Program:

The primary source of Army ROTC scholarships is the National ROTC Scholarship Program.  These scholarships are awarded to high school seniors during their senior year of high school.  The dates vary each year.  For HS seniors during the 2023-2024 school year the National Scholarship critical dates are:

12 JUN 2023 Application for School Year 2023 opens
16-20 OCT 2023 1st Selection Board. To compete in this board you must have your documents in no later than (NLT) 9 OCT 2023.
22-26JAN 2024 2nd Selection Board. To compete in this board you must have your documents in NLT 15 JAN 2024.
04 FEB 2024 Last Day to create an online application 

4 MAR 2024 is the last day to edit your application.

18-22 MAR 2023 3rd Selection Board. To compete in this board you must have your documents in NLT 11 MAR 2024.

 To begin your application process look for the "How to Apply" paragraph located at:   https://www.goarmy.com/careers-and-jobs/find-your-path/army-officers/rotc/scholarships.html  and follow the instructions. 

If you have questions about the process, or about the Radford Army ROTC program, please call us at our office.

Campus based scholarships:

If you didn't win a National ROTC scholarship, campus based scholarships are for you.  Cadets can compete for available 1-3 year scholarships.  Competing Cadets submit a scholarship aplication to their ROTC instructor or Recruiting Operations Officer (ROO), conduct a scholarship board interview with members of the ROTC cadre. 

Cadet's board score are combined with scores based on their collegiate GPA, physical fitness test results, and any other other factors directed by our Professor of Military Science (PMS) to generate an order of merit list (OML) score.  Generally, Cadets with the highest OML score are awarded the campus based scholarship.  Cadets can apply for a campus based scholarship by filling out an application from their ROO or ROTC instructor.

Scholarship Value:  Scholarships are awarded based on merit, not on financial need.   Additionally ROTC scholarships can stack and compliment other scholarships or programs.  For example an ROTC scholarship could be used for room and board while the eligible student uses their parent's Post 9-11 GI Bill, or other scholarship program for Tuition and fees.  

In-state scholarships:  Pays in-state tuition and fees OR $6,000 per semester room and board.  $1,200 annual book stipend, $420 per month (10 months of the year) stipend to defer expenses.

Out-of-State Scholarships:  Pays Out-of-state tuition and fees OR $6,000 per semester room and board.  $1,200 annual book stipend, $420 per month (10 months of the year) stipend to defer expenses.

High school freshmen - Juniors:  Don't wait to prepare yourself for a ROTC National Scholarship

Prepare yourself now for success in obtaining a National Scholarship!  The winners of ROTC National Scholarships don't win by accident.  They apply themselves to success in the 3 major areas looked at in the National Scholarship Whole Person Concept (WPC):  Scholar, Athlete,  Leader (SAL).  In order to maximize your chances of winning a ROTC National Scholarship, you need to earn points in each of these important areas:

Scholar:  Primarily reflected in your high school GPA.  The higher the better!  High school GPA is one of the best indicators that you will succeed in college.  Acceptance into the HS National Honor Society is another indicator.

Athlete:  Take part in athletics each year (freshman - junior year).  Showing a "track record" in a sport is better a sporatic sampling of sports.  (Stick with a sport for all three years preferably.   Distinguish yourself from your peers by earning the title of team captain in those sports.  

Leader:  Demonstrate and develop your leadership skills through serving in an elected position in a school, church, or community organization.  The more the better.  Other organizational recognition such as Eagle Scout in the BSA or Gold Award in the Girl Scouts of America also demonstrate leadership.

Our Recruiting Operations Officer (ROO) Brian Francis would be happy to speak to you about how to maximize your chance to earn a ROTC National Scholarship regardless of what year you are in high school.  Give him a call at (540) 831 - 6646 or an email at:  bafrancis@radford.edu