Graduation Forms

Students applying for graduation will need to complete the online graduation application through Banner SSB. Information on where to find the online application is below. Feel free to contact the CVPA Advising Center with questions.

Graduation Application Instructions

Graduation applications are due the semester prior to your anticipated graduation. If you are graduating in the spring or summer term, your application is due in September prior to the spring term. If you are graduating in the fall, your application is due in January prior to the fall term.

  1. Review the course catalog to make sure you are meeting all graduation requirements.
  2. To complete the online graduation application, login to OneCampus
    1. Search for "Apply for Graduation"
    2. Select "Apply for Graduation - Student Self Service Banner"
    3. There are instructions at the top of each page to help students fill out the application correctly (read these prompts carefully). The confirmation page also includes next steps for various situations.
  3. If you are a double major or dual degree, you will need to complete two separate online graduation applications; one for each major.

Contact the advising center if you have any questions.

Petition to Walk in the Graduation Ceremony

If you plan to participate in a commencement ceremony, but still need to complete additional requirements to graduate, you will need to complete a Petition to Walk. An example would be if you plan to graduate in the summer, but would like to participate ("walk") in the May graduation ceremony.

  1. Complete your graduation application using the above guidelines.
    1. Your graduation term is the semester you will be completing all of your degree requirements.
    2. Your application will be due for the term you plan to participate in the commencement ceremony (general guidelines are listed above). 
  2. After completing your online graduation application, you will need to contact the CVPA Advising Center to complete your Petition to Walk.