About the Department

The Department of Design, formerly Interior Design & Fashion, is a dynamic department where design reaches across multiple disciplines.  We were ranked one of the Top 10 programs in 2011 by Design Intelligence.

Diversity in Design  

The Department of Design is dedicated to providing a quality education to all students by inspiring them to shape the future of Design.
We are committed to our community by encouraging an environment that is welcoming, supportive, inclusive, and diverse.
We recognize that all voices and opinions matter and strive to create a sense of belonging.

Core Values
The core values of the Department are integral to all that we do. They are to be: Passionate, Excellent, Empowered, Engaged, Learned, Professional, Curious and Ethical.

Designing solutions for life.

Our Brand's Promise
Inspiring and empowering professionals to creatively lead change.

Mission Statement
The mission of the Department of Design encompassed the "5-Es," and is to...

  • Educate highly motivated, passionate, creative thinking individuals.
  • Empower people to seek excellence and be perpetually curious.
  • Engage minds through self-directed processes, active- and “hands-on” learning.
  • Enrich experiences both academically and professionally.
  • Enable graduates to obtain careers in top-level design and industry firms.