Ms. Kathleen Sullivan

Kathleen Sullivan

Assistant Professor

M.S., University of Pittsburgh



Serving as a remote online faculty member in the MFA in Design Thinking Program, Kathleen Sullivan, a resident of Pittsburgh, PA, brings a wide variety of professional and teaching experiences to the program. Primarily focusing on commercial interior architecture, hospitality design, and on-air broadcast design, she brings knowledge of the process, practicalities, and project management to the students. She has taught age groups from elementary to higher education thereby having a strong sense of how to communicate with students. She has exhibited in juried art exhibitions, been an invited speaker at conferences, presented research, won awards for historic preservation and environmental initiatives, and written on topics relating to the environment and behavioral psychology. Kathleen’s proudest moments are those where, under her supervision, her students have won national competitions for their designs and research topics.

Research and Creative Interests

Environment and Behavioral Psychology / Ethics in Technology / Mindfulness / Empathy / Innovation in Housing and Urban Planning / Sustainability and Biomimicry

Student Work