What is Design Appreciation?


A minor in Design Appreciation will provide an understanding of design’s principles, theories and history allowing students to gain a basic knowledge of design and how design impacts our daily lives where we work and live. Students must maintain a 2.5 GPA (within both the minor’s course requirements and overall) in order to receive the minor.

DSN 100 - Design Fundamentals

An introduction to the elements and principles of design in two- and three-dimensional formats. The design process, including problem solving, creative expression and conceptual thinking, is emphasized.       

DSN 223 - Textiles

A study of fibers, yarn, fabrics and finishes for use in computer textile products. Emphasis is placed on investigation of fibers/yarns/fabrics for interior and apparel products.

DSNM 442 - Economics of Design

This three-hour lecture course studies the economic, governmental and environmental factors which affect the various segments of the textile, apparel and interiors complex, individually and as a whole. The factors are reviewed and evaluated from a domestic and international perspective.


Please see the Design Appreciation progress sheet for required courses.