Graduate Student Life

Radford graduate students enjoy an array of campus activities that support their academic success, professional development, social growth, and personal well-being. Many campus events include options for virtual participation, so Radford graduate students can be involved in campus life no matter where they study or call home! 

Events and Activities Organized by the Graduate College

The Graduate College hosts several major events for graduate students, including the annual Research Blitz Competition and the Outstanding Graduate Student Awards, which provides additional support, training, and recognition to graduate student and graduate assistants. 

Additional Campus Programming for Graduate Students

The Graduate College also works with campus offices, academic programs, and student organizations to offer workshops and other activities exclusively for graduate students. Some recent events for graduate students include:

  • mindfulness meditation retreat led by graduate faculty in Counselor Education and English
  • IRB training led by library faculty
  • resume and career strategy session with the Center for Career  Talent Development

See the Graduate College's events calendar for more information about campus programming for Radford graduate students. Additionally, academic programs also support activities, community service opportunities, and social events for graduate students. 

Social Media Directory

Keep in touch with the Graduate College on social media. Many academic programs also maintain social media accounts; review the Radford University Graduate Program Social Media Directory for more details.

Graduate Student Newsletter

For even more information about what graduate students at Radford and RUC are up to, read the latest issues of the graduate student newsletter.