Graduate College Ambassador and Leadership Program

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The Graduate College Ambassador and Leadership Program is a new initiative created for 2022-23, offering the opportunity for graduate students to serve in the following roles:

  1. Brand representative, or influencer, committed to the legacy of graduate education at Radford University.
  2. Advisory council member, providing a student perspective to help elevate the graduate student experience.
  3. Student leader, eligible for professional development opportunities and other incentives.

Overview of the Program


Participants are required to apply, interview, and be accepted into the program on an annual basis and may serve for more than one academic year if selected to do so. This program is open to graduate students not currently serving as a GA, GTA or GTF. (GA/GTA/GTF students are eligible for the GA Distinction Program).

Participants may be new or continuing graduate students; may be on-campus or online-students

- Must be enrolled as full-time students (9 credits/semester) 


Participants will help to plan, implement, and staff recruitment related events in conjunction with various offices, programs, and academic departments across the university, under the direction of the Director of Graduate Recruitment, in collaboration with the Dean of the Graduate College. The goal is to connect the Graduate College and program coordinators with the Highlander community, prospective students, and other constituents to promote graduate education for future generations.

Participants will serve as an advisory council member, meeting with the Dean, Associate Dean, and Recruitment Director (or other Graduate College faculty/staff as appropriate) to provide input from the student perspective that will help elevate the graduate student experience for current and future Highlanders.

Participants will have opportunities to participate in professional development workshops, to be hosted or approved by the Graduate College. Participants will help promote programs offered by the Graduate College and encourage participation at these sponsored events.


Graduate students who satisfactorily complete the program will earn the following:

  • $100 book voucher after completing 1 semester
  • $200 stipend per semester
  • Graduate with distinction -- special honor cord to wear at commencement
  • Invitation to an annual awards ceremony where participants will be recognized for their contributions


To successfully complete the program and earn the incentives stated above, participants must successfully complete the following activities:

ActivityTime Commitment Per Semester
Recruitment training to start the program 1 hour (first semester only)
Participation in recruitment activities per semester. Activities may include planning, implementation, and/or participation at events (in-person or virtual; often 2-3 hours each). Recruitment activities should include at least one recruitment event specifically for the participant’s program during the academic year, working with the program coordinator to determine planning needs and participation.10 hours

Attend one professional development workshop per semester, hosted or approved by Graduate College faculty.

1 hour
Meet with Graduate College Deans and Recruitment Director once per semester to provide input as part of a student advisory council, either individually or in group setting. 1 hour


For more information:

Tracey Drowne, Director of Graduate Recruitment,