Graduate Student Council

Our Mission

The GSC exists under the SGA in the Internal Governance System. The GSC strives to responsibly represent the interests of graduate students and to work with the university to improve the quality of graduate educational programs and graduate student life. The GSC also solicits and codifies graduate student opinions and concerns; approves the appointment and removal of graduate students to the Internal Governance councils and committees; facilitates the exchange of information between university policy recommending bodies and graduate students; and provides a lobby for the implementation of policies and procedures meeting the needs of graduate students.

Excellence Award

Faculty and graduate students who exhibit excellence are eligible for nomination for the GSC Excellence Award.

RU Excellent?

Excellence takes many forms. It can refer to academic and/or non-academic achievement. Some examples of excellence might include (but are not limited to): good citizenship, community involvement, research, scholastic excellence, or being an "all around good guy." Graduate faculty and graduate students are eligible for this award.

Nominate someone for the Excellence Award!

Graduate Student Lounge

The graduate student lounge is located in McConnell Library on the 5th Floor. Amenities include 2 computers (MS Windows), a printer, and seating.