Cardinal Human Capital Management (HCM) Frequently Asked Questions

Cardinal HCM

What is Cardinal?

Cardinal is the Commonwealth of Virginia’s financial, human capital management (HCM), and business intelligence application. Cardinal is designed to consolidate and streamline administrative systems into one platform.

How will Radford University employees use Cardinal HCM?

The Cardinal HCM system has broad functionality. Radford University full time employees will use the Benefits Administration area of Cardinal HCM to enroll in and maintain health benefits and flexible spending accounts. Open enrollment, mid-year qualifying life events and COBRA will be administered through Cardinal HCM. 

Does Cardinal HCM have an impact for part time employees (wage, student wage, adjunct, graduate assistants)?

No. Cardinal HCM is only for full time employees with health insurance benefits.

Am I a Cardinal HCM Employee Self-Service (ESS) user?

Radford University full time employees will act as Employee Self-Service Users (ESS) to enroll in and update health benefits and flexible spending accounts. 

Do I access my timesheet or leave report in Cardinal HCM?

No.  Radford University is not utilizing Cardinal HCM for time and attendance. Timesheets and leave reports and leave balances are accessed through Self-Service Banner in OneCampus.  

Will I access my pay stub in Cardinal HCM?

No. Radford University is not utilizing Cardinal HCM for payroll. Employee pay stubs are accessed through OneCampus. 

Do I need to change my personal information (address, etc.) in Cardinal HCM?

No.  Radford University will update Cardinal HCM with required personal information.  Updates to personal information such as address and emergency contacts should be made using links in OneCampus. 

How do I make changes to my health insurance benefits in Cardinal?

Please refer to the HR Benefits & Wellness website for additional information and instructions.  

Do I have to register in Cardinal HCM?

Yes. Your Radford University email address and state id number will be used to register. This is a one-time registration process and could take up to 15-minutes to complete.  Multifactor authentication is required. 

How do I find my Cardinal Id?

Obtain your Cardinal Id through the OneCampus link for Employee State ID. State Id and Cardinal Id are the same. 

What is Okta and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)?

Okta is used for identity management. Multi-factor authentication, similar to the Duo program used by the University, is required to access Cardinal HCM. 

What is my Cardinal user name?

Your Radford University email address is your Cardinal user name. 

Who do I contact if I need help with Cardinal HCM?

The first point of contact is Radford University Human Resources.  Please call 831-5008 or  HR will provide instructions if a Cardinal HCM help desk ticket is required.