Recycle these items together: Cans Aluminum beverage cans, steel and tin cans; Glass bottles and Jars; Paper Mixed paper, newspaper, magazines; Plastic Containers plastic bottles, jugs and food containers #1 (PET) & #2 (HDPE) only. NO! Do not bag recyclables. No Garbage. No Plastic Bags (return to retailer) No Food or Liquid (Empty all containers) No Tanglers (ho hoses, wires, chains, or cords); No Clothing or Toys (use donation programs); No Electronics (Call Radford University Recycling); No Shredded Paper Bag Separate; No Styrofoam


Beginning August 1, 2018: Radford University Campus Recycling Guidelines for Mixed Recycling

  • Mixed/Single Stream/Commingled Recycling: plastic, glass, metal and paper together
  • Accepting Plastics #1 and #2 (they will no longer accept Plastics #3 - #7)
  • Accepting all office paper, newspaper, magazines, cereal/paper boxes
  • Accepting metal - tin/steel cans and aluminum beverage cans
  • Accepting glass food and beverage containers

Other Recycling Tips:

  • Shredded paper must be bagged separately to be recycled
  • Corrugated cardboard and pizza boxes are recycled separately
  • Electronics are recycled separately. Call RU Recycling 540-831-7207
  • Printer Cartridges, Batteries, Light Bulbs are recycled separately. Call RU Recycling 540-831-7207
  • No plastic bags in mixed recycling (return to retailer or to Bags for Benches bins.  Bags for Benches collection bin locations include:  McConnell Main Floor, the CDI office in Heth and SGA office in Hurlburt, and in Center for the Sciences)
  • No clothing or toys in mixed recycling. Use community donation programs