What can we do to reduce the amount of waste generated on campus? The answer is "a lot". 

Reduce and Reuse: Reduction in waste sources is the best solution. It saves money and reduces waste. 

Plastic Bags: Student Government Association launched "Bags to Benches", a plastic bag recycling program that trades in 40,000 plastic grocery bags for a park bench made of recycled plastic bags. Several bag deposit locations are found around campus, with the primary spot currently in McConnell Library main floor. 

Recycle: Recycling supports our "single-use and throw away" mindset. Better than the landfill, but still not the best solution. It's complicated. 

New River Resource Authority Landfill: Everything that goes in the trash on campus goes to the New River Resource Authority Landfill. As some trash breaks down, it produces methane, a potent greenhouse gas. The NRRA Landfill at Cloyd's Mountain is capturing these greenhouse gas emissions and making electricity

Radford University is committed to provided comprehensive recycling services to everyone on campus.

  • Battery Recycling is available in all the residence halls and other areas across campus. Both rechargeable and nonrechargeable bins are available with residence life staff.
  • Online Recycling Bin Request is available online.
  • Goodwill Edgar Boxes is a move-out program that brings large donation boxes to campus to divert students' unwanted items (food, clothes, furnitures and more) from the landfill to a local charity.
  • RU Recycling For questions about recycling, or to arrange a recycling pickup contact RU Recycling

What Can I Recycle?

Recycle these items together: Cans- aluminum beverage cans, steel and tin cans (empty) Glass- bottles and jars. (empty) Paper- mixed paper, newspaper, and magazines Plastic Containers- plastic bottles, jugs, and food containers #1(PET) #2 (HDPE) only Do NOT recycle the following: Do not bag recyclables. No garbage No plastic bags (return to retailer) No food or liquid (empty all containers)  No tanglers (no hoses, wires, chains, or cords) No clothing or toys (use donation programs) No electronics (call Radford University recycling) No shredded paper (bag separately) No styrofoam For more information please call Recycling: 831-7207