There are several options to help students meet their academic goals. The Department of Theatre and Cinema and the College of Visual and Performing Arts, in conjunction with the Radford University Foundation, offer an array of scholarships. Two scholarships (The GeorgAnne Voland Buck Scholarship and The Nancy Necessary Pridemore Scholarship) are awarded to incoming students with a solid academic background and a high level of achievement in Theatre prior to coming to RU. The scholarships named below along with Arts Society Scholarships are awarded annually to students who demonstrate a strong academic performance, commitment to the Theatre and to their involvement in the department’s activities. For more information about these scholarships contact Richard Dunham at

Theatre scholarships offered to upperclassmen include:

  • The Kim Fiola Alpha Psi Omega Scholarship
  • The Dr. James W. Hawes Scholarship
  • James Memorial Scholarship
  • Arts Society Scholarships

Freshmen Scholarships

  • Kathleen Harvey Harshberger Scholarship
  • Nancy Necessary Pridemore Scholarship
  • GeorgAnne Voland Buck Freshman Scholarship

Other scholarships for which Theatre students may be eligible:

  • The Doug and Bea Covington Scholarship in the College of Visual and Performing Arts
  • Carl H. Lefko and Monica Weinzapfel Endowed Travel Scholarship    
  • The Mr. Dolph and Dr. Betty Martin Henry Endowed Scholarship
  • The Mah/Stone Endowed Scholarship
  • Tyler B. Humphreys Academic Support Fund  

In addition to these, many other scholarship opportunities are available. Students are encouraged to contact the RU Office of Financial Aid or the Radford University Foundation for more information.