Academic Programs

 The Department of Theatre and Cinema offers a Bachelor of ArtsBachelor of Science, a Minor in Theatre and the interdisciplinary Minor in Cinematic Arts. Both Majors and Minors may choose to emphasize performance (acting/directing) or design/technical theatre.

The aim of our curriculum is to deeply engage students in course material, foster interaction between faculty and students, and connect classroom concepts to practical application. Students complete a production assignment each semester to expose them to all aspects of the art both on and backstage. Great emphasis is placed on collaboration; therefore, students work closely with faculty and other students on a consistent basis. Across the curriculum students are challenged to become critical thinkers and effective communicators using visual tools and the spoken and written word.

The department strongly encourages students to work professionally in the industry in order to gain further experience and to assess their personal career goals. Internships are another option providing students with experiential learning opportunities while they accrue professional credits essential to career development.