Welcome from the Chair

Richard Dunham, Chair

Our students, patrons and faculty have one thing in common-- a passion for the arts!  Our faculty represent professional theatre and cinema artists who offer a variety of experiences that provide our students with tools and training that will help prepare them for further studies in graduate school or entering the entertainment industry.  Whether onstage or backstage, students receive opportunities to not only participate in our productions but to even take on leadership roles as designers and directors once completing the appropriate courses. Opportunities exist to further your exposure to theatre whether you’re a major, minor, or simply have an ongoing interest in attending theatre.

This season continues to bring a number of changes to the Department of Theatre and Cinema and our production program as we continue to move back towards more normal operations and we can fairly confidently say that COVID-19 and the pandemic are behind us. We are no longer under any COVID protocols which are affecting our production program –no more streaming, distancing or masking of our performers. However, masks (audience) are still optional for those who may be required/want to use them.  Though we are still in temporary facilities this year, with the majority of our productions still taking place in Bondurant Auditorium, we are seeing great progress on the Artis Center for Adaptive Innovation and Creativity (ACAIC) and are eagerly awaiting our move into this state-of-art facility along with the rest of CVPA. The construction continues to move along on schedule and if all goes well, elements of the building may open as soon as the beginning of the Fall 2024 semester.

We invite all (majors/minors and nonmajors) to explore our classes, production opportunities, guest artist programs, scholarships, and stimulating/thought-provoking season productions. Everyone can play a part in the powerful, insightful world of theatre and cinema—even if only from the perspective of becoming an informed audience member.  Join us to find your role and passion for the performing arts.

Richard E. Dunham
Chair/Artistic Director
Department of Theatre and Cinema