Fire Safety

Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers are inspected monthly by EHS to ensure the fire extinguisher is in its proper place and has not been discharged. Routine maintenance is performed yearly, at six years, and at twelve years. EHS also ensures that fire extinguishers are recharged, placed in the proper location, and that glass and breakers are installed. Please call EHS at 540-831-7790 if a fire extinguisher is missing from your area or has been discharged.

Fire Alarms

Fire alarms are inspected monthly in academic buildings and residential halls. EHS and Facilities Management personnel check the academic buildings, and RD's check the resident halls. A different pull station is tested every month. All horns are also checked to ensure proper operation. Please call EHS if you believe a fire alarm horn is not working or you cannot hear it in your location.

Smoke Detectors

EHS ensures that smoke detectors are periodically inspected to ensure proper operation. Battery powered smoke detectors in dorm rooms must be checked every week and documented by the resident. Resident Assistants and Directors check the detectors during the holiday breaks and send a report to EHS. Facilities Management changes the batteries every year. Battery powered smoke detectors in the halls are checked every three months by EHS. Hard-wired smoke detectors are checked every two years by EHS and the Electrical Department for sensitivity and smoked every year to test the operation.

Heat Detectors

Heat detectors are checked every two years by EHS for proper operation.

Evacuation Signs

EHS posts evacuation signs in all halls, classrooms, auditoriums, and dining halls on campus. If a sign is missing please call EHS.

Exit and Emergency Lights

Exit and emergency lights in academic and support buildings are inspected quarterly by EHS. Resident halls are inspected every two weeks. Please call EHS or Facilities Management to report an exit light that is not working.


EHS inspects academic and support buildings every three months to ensure compliance with state and local fire codes. Residential Halls are inspected twice a month and rooms are inspected twice a year.  

Kitchen Hoods

Facilities Management ensures that all kitchen hoods and duct work are cleaned routinely by an outside contractor.


EHS ensures that sprinkler systems are periodically inspected in accordance with fire code regulations. Please ensure that storage is at least 18 inches below sprinkler heads and do not hang anything from sprinkler heads.