Radiation Safety

Spill Response

Please consult the Emergency Response Plan for the proper procedure for cleaning up a radioactive spill. Do not attempt to clean up large spills. Evacuate the area and call the Campus Police and EHS. Keep potentially contaminated people in a protected area. Minor spills may be cleaned up by properly trained laboratory personnel. Do not throw contaminated materials into the regular trash. Clean up materials must be disposed of as radioactive waste. EHS will attempt to clean up the spill if it is within their capability or call for outside help. Please call EHS if you need assistance or would like a spill response kit for cleaning up radioactive spills.


Laboratories using radioisotopes will be inspected twice a year by EHS to ensure compliance with the university’s Radiation Safety Manual and Nuclear Regulatory Commission Regulations. X-ray equipment should be inspected yearly to ensure compliance with the Analytical X-ray Manual and State regulations. Inspections may be announced or unannounced.