Hurricane Preparedness


Radford University and the New River Valley region may need to react to a hurricane and/or hurricane remnants and severe weather that may travel inland to Virginia from the coast or gulf regions during hurricane season. Radford University will treat any hurricane or severe weather threats to the campus and region as a potential hazardous condition with the primary emphasis on students, staff, and visitor safety.

Basic preparedness planning for students and staff for hurricanes or any severe weather that may impact campus include some basic preparedness steps:

  • Be aware of your environment including residence hall evacuation plans
  • Maintain a “go bag” in your resident hall with important papers, keys, computer back up disk, etc.
  • Have flashlights and batteries in your room
  • If you have a car make sure the tank is filled as soon as you are aware of any potential weather issues. The longer you wait the harder it may be to obtain gas.
  • Have your cell phone at the ready but be aware cell towers and cell communication can be one of the first causalities in a large storm.
  • Have bottled water in your room
  • Know where the storm shelters are in your residence hall
  • Have extra non-perishable food and can goods that have pull tabs.
  • Keep extra sheets and blankets in your room and have comfortable shoes and outerwear ready.
  • Have a USB device to back up your personal computer files.
  • Make sure you have possession of all of your important documents and money. If you are an international student make sure you have your passport and related documents.

In the event of an emergency related to any severe weather or hurricane the Radford Alert system will be used to send warnings and updates as needed during the emergency. Visit the Radford Alert page for more information. Monitor all weather related radio and TV stations for storm advisories and emergency broadcasts.

 For additional information on hurrican preparedness visit the following sites: