Training and Exercise Opportunities

Below outlines upcoming trainings and exercises offered by the Office of Emergency Management.  If you are interested in participating in any of the below opportunities, please email

10/25/2023Virtual Tabletop Exercise - Hazmat (Chlorine)12:00PM-3:30PM
11/08/2023Virtual Tabletop Exercise - River Flooding12:00PM-3:30PM
11/21/2023Virtual Tabletop Exercise - IPAWS (Bridge/Structure Collapse)12:00PM-3:30PM
12/05/2023Virtual Tabletop Exercise - Cybersecurity12:00PM-3:30PM
01/24/2024Virtual Tabletop Exercise - Large-Scale Power Outage12:00PM-3:30PM
02/07/2024Virtual Tabletop Exercise - Mass Gathering Incident12:00PM-3:30PM
03/20/2024Virtual Tabletop Exercise - Active Threat (Shooter - Mall)12:00PM-3:30PM