Special Event Emergency Planning

Not every special event runs as scheduled.  Some incidents occur that are beyond our control.  To ensure the safety of our campus community and visitors, each of us has the responsibility to protect and minimize the efforts of an emergency at our planned events.  Planning for the potential risks and hazards associated with a special event is essential to the event's success.

In order to assist with the event's success, the Office of Emergency Management can work with event organizers to develop a Special Event Emergency Plan (SEEP).   A SEEP is a formal written plan, developed by the event organizers, that identifies potential emergency conditions at the event site and prescribes the procedures to be followed to minimize risk and prevent loss of life and property.  Every SEEP must be tailored to site-specific conditions and to the requirements of the agency/organization that owns or regulates the event site.

A SEEP may include components such as:

  • Event Description
  • Leadership Contact Information
    • Who is in charge of the event and are the decision maker for the organization hosting the event?
  • Event Operations Location
    • Identify a location where event leadership can be physically located in the event of an emergency.    
  • Communications Plan
    • How are you communicating with event organizers and with event guests?    
  • Weather Monitoring Process
    • If inclement weather is expected, make sure someone is assigned to keep track of it.  Decide what the communications structure looks like if there are severe weather or tornado warnings. Also, determine who may need assistance evacuating and who might assist others (adults with children, or the elderly).
  • Emergency Notification at the Event Site
    • If a weather alert is issued, who receives and disseminates that information?  How is it disseminated?    
  • On-Site Emergency Personnel
    • Do you have police, emergency medical services, fire, or contracted event staff already on-site to assist?
  • Access and Parking Considerations
    • Will there be any parking lot or road closures for your event that may impact access by emergency personnel if a response is needed due to an emergency at your event?
  • Evacuation Assembly Areas
    • You may be asked to evacuate for a number of reasons, including fire, fire alarm, flooding power outage etc. Designate a primary and secondary assembly location.
  • Shelter-in-Place Gathering Locations
    • Review the shelter-in-place guidelines.  Walk through your venue and based on your location and the numbers of attendee, determine what your shelter in place plan is.
  • Pre-Event Briefing Notes
    • Review the plan prior to the event with all involved staff and volunteers to ensure everyone is aware of plans, policies, last minute updates and what to do in case of an emergency.

To create a Special Event Emergency Plan, contact the Office of Emergency Management for assistnace at oem@radford.edu or call 540-831-6696.


Event Weather Support Request

Hosting an event outdoors?  The Office of Emergency Management (OEM) can provide daily weather briefings leading up to the event day and direct weather support the day of the event.  All requests will be reviewed upon submission to ensure the availability and feasibility to provide support for your event.  Any questions, please contact OEM at oem@radford.edu or 540-831-6696.

To submit a request, please click on the button below to complete the Event Weather Support Request form.