Parking Tips

On-campus parking (click here for map) is provided for faculty, staff, and students who choose to purchase a parking permit. However, to ensure you know the facts about parking on-campus, we have a list of helpful parking tips below:

  1. The use of emergency flashers does not give permission to park illegally.
  2. Lack of convenient space is not a valid excuse for violations.
  3. Parking permits are non transferable. In case of a change of automobile, contact the Parking Service Office with the new license tag and vehicle description.
  4. Disabled vehicles must be reported to Parking Services and the University Police Department in person or by phone. (Notes left on the vehicle are not acceptable.)
  5. A vehicle is only properly parked if it is in a parking space which is defined as a marked area with painted parallel lines on both sides. In lots that are not so marked, vehicles must not take up more than one space.
  6. All appeals must be filled in writing with the Appeals Board within 10 calendar days from the date of the citation or there shall be no right of appeal. The first date counted, in the 10-day rule, is the ticket issuance date. All decisions of the Appeals Board shall be final.
  7. A parking meter is in violation when the red overtime flag is displayed. 
  8. Parking meters must be paid even if you have a valid RU parking permit.
  9. Customers parking at meters must pay the meter, even if they have a permit for the corresponding lot.
  10. A vehicle is not registered until the permit is displayed properly on the rear view mirror. The permit shall not be used in any other vehicle other than ones to which it is registered.
  11. Martin Hall visitor parking (and any other visitor space on campus) is only available to visitors of the university. Employees and students are never considered visitors.