Registering for a Permit

All student and employee vehicles must be registered annually at the beginning of the fall semester or within 48 hours after the first class of the fall/spring semester and both summer sessions. Vehicles of students who register for classes after the beginning of the fall/spring semesters and both summer sessions must be registered within 48 hours of that date. New employees must register their vehicles within 48 hours after beginning work. A parking permit is required for all vehicles parked on university owned/controlled property.

Permits for vehicles must be affixed visibly on the rear view mirror. One permit per person is assigned regardless of the number of vehicles registered. Permits on motorcycles must be affixed on the rear fender adjacent to the license plate or on the left side of the front fork.

Note: All permits, regardless of the date of issue, will expire annually on Aug.14. 

  • Resident Students: Blue parking hang tag
  • Commuter Students (living off-campus): Yellow parking hang tag
  • University Apartments (off-campus apartments owned by the university):  Purple hang tag
  • Faculty/Staff: Red parking hang tag (Burlington Lot permits are green and are ONLY valid in the Burlington Lot)


Proof of vehicle ownership may be required at registration. Ownership must be established by presenting current state registration.

Money paid for a parking permit does not guarantee or reserve a specific parking space. The responsibility for finding a legal parking space rests with the vehicle operator. Lack of space or lack of convenient space is not considered a valid excuse for violation of these regulations by any person operating a motor vehicle on university property.

The person to whom a vehicle is registered is responsible for that vehicle and all parking violations issued.

Parking permits allow parking in specific areas of campus (see parking map [PDF] for designated parking areas).

Any account with $125 or more in unpaid parking violations may have their vehicle impounded or immobilized until all fines and fees are paid in full. Parking privileges may be revoked for frequent violators of parking regulations.


Fall Semester $154$154
Spring Semester $77$77
Summer School $39$39

Refund Policy

Registered permits must be returned to the Parking Services Office to obtain a refund. The annual registration fee is refundable in accordance with the following schedule:

  • Before Oct. 1 - Full Refund
  • Between Oct. 2 and Feb. 28 - 50 percent off fee paid
  • After March 1 - No Refund
  • The summer registration fee is not refundable.
  • Adjunct and Burlington Lot permits are sold at a reduced rate and are non-refundable.