Faculty/Staff Permits

Purchase a Permit online August 1, 2024 through July 1, 2025

Follow these steps to purchase a faculty/staff parking permit online.

  1. Login to the onecampus portal
  2. Search for parking permit
  3. Click on the "Manage Parking Account" Icon (red)
  4. Click on "Get Permit"
  5. Follow the directions.


Faculty/staff permits cost $175 if purchased in the fall semester, $87.50 if purchased beginning Jan. 1. Summer permits will be $43.75. Adjunct faculty and Burlington Lot permits are $55.

Which lots are designated for faculty/staff?

  • LOT A: Preston/Martin Hall
  • LOT B: College of Science & Technology (upper side)
  • LOT C: College of Science & Technology (lower side)
  • LOT E: University Drive (Armstrong Complex)
  • LOT F:  Muse Hall
  • LOT G: Tyler Hall
  • LOT J:  Kyle Hall
  • LOT K:  First Ave./Fairfax Street
  • LOT M: Jefferson/Calhoun Street
  • LOT N: Jefferson Street
  • LOT P:  First Ave/Clement
  • LOT R:  Fairfax/Jefferson
  • LOT S:  Downey/Jefferson
  • LOT U:  University Drive
  • LOT Y:  Jefferson/E. Main
  • LOT AA: Hurlburt Student Union
  • LOT BB: Behind Allen Building
  • LOT BL:  Burlington Lot
  • LOT DD: Tyler Avenue
  • LOT DC:  Dedmon Center
  • LOT EE: Fairfax Street
  • LOT GA:  First/Grove
  • LOT GG: Hemphill Hall
  • LOT HF:  Hitting Facility
  • LOT HH: Davis Street
  • LOT JJ: Fairfax Street
  • LOT PS: Printing Services
  • LOT SL:  Cupp Stadium
  • Unity Christian Church (leased lot)