Facilities and Activities

The Department of Criminal Justice utilizes several specialized spaces on campus and numerous activities to encourage student learning.


  • Courtroom Classroom - this space houses a mock courtroom with judge's bench, witness stand, prosecution and defense tables, and jury box.  Technology in the room includes display monitors for presenting evidence and cameras to monitor/record activities in the courtroom for evaluation and presentation after mock trials are completed.  See picture below.
  • Emergency Operations Center (EOC) - “The space allows us to teach emergency management and crisis management classes in an environment that replicates an actual EOC,” Former Department Chair Steve Owen said. “We also hope to facilitate training opportunities for the professional emergency management and first response communities. The space was also designed to have the potential to serve as a backup EOC for an actual incident, if needed.”
  • Forensic Lab Classroom - this space allows students hands on activities to prepare for careers after graduation.  Students are able to complete a mock crime scene, from securing to photographing to evidence collection, and analyze the evidence recovered.  The space includes equipment to conduct fingerprinting, view hairs and fibers under a microscope, recover footwear or tire impressions, and much more.  See pictures below.




Mock Courtroom

Lab Classroom 1

Lab equipment including a fuming chamber, fingerprint station, and drying chamber.