About Us

The department of Foreign Languages and Literatures at Radford University is designed to teach a command of a foreign language, to teach students to analyze language and literature, and to make students aware of the heritage of other cultures.  It provides students a program with international skills that enhance their opportunities to work in business or health care, government or law, in library science, arts, education, diplomacy or the military, and in publishing, communication or tourism. Students acquire the foundation that enables a pursuit in linguistic, pedagogical or literary studies in graduate school, or to teach foreign languages on the secondary level. Classes are small, allowing for individualized instruction.

The department offers a number of academic programs, including major concentrations in French, German, and Spanish.  Students can also earn a minor in Foreign Languages including Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Latin, Russian, and Spanish.  The department also offers minors in Classical Humanities and Intercultural Studies.