2008 - 2009


On the Verge, or the Geography of Yearning by Eric Overmyer

October 10th, 16th 17th & 18th at 8pm
October 11th at 2 & 8pm
October 15th at 2pm

On the Verge, or the Geography of Yearning, follows three Victorian lady explorers as they trek intrepidly through Terra Incognita. The sojourners set out to navigate a distant jungle, but find themselves instead on a wild journey through the landscape of language, the future, and eternal hope. As playwright Eric Overmyer says hopefully, “Perhaps the imagination is on the verge of recovering its rights.”

Pridemore Playhouse


Yesterday, Today, & Tomorrow

October 22th at 7 pm

At one time the prevailing attitude was that when a film was released, that was its moment in time, etched in celluloid, with no value or interest after that initial run. Then came the second run, the concept of film preservation and reasonable systems for average human beings to collect and revisit these works. As these little time machines made their trips to the future, all kinds of weird and wonderful things happened. That's what we will be looking at during this illustrated talk. Join us as we look at what films meant "yesterday," what they mean "today," and how the past saw "tomorrow."

Pridemore Playhouse


Proof by David Auburn

November 5th, 6th & 7th at 8pm
November 8th at 2 & 8pm

A troubled young woman has cared for her brilliant mathematician father as his grip on reality slowly unraveled. Now with her own stability in question she must face his death, the return of her estranged sister and the attentions of her father’s former student whose motives she suspects. This Pulitzer Prize winning play is a fascinating examination of love, loss, loneliness and the tenuous balance between genius and madness.

The Studio Theatre


The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse by Vicky Ireland

December 6th at 10am & 2pm

Meet William a country mouse. Knock, knock, knock. Meet William’s cousin Monty- a town mouse. Monty has come to escort William to see the big city of London and his newly-inherited home. Based on the well-loved Aesop fable, this colorful tale invites the whole family on William’s adventure he dodges a cat, a few humans, and some crafty town mice to discover where his “home, sweet home” truly is.

Pridemore Playhouse


The Black Cat by Edgar Ulmer

February 4th at 7 pm

Edgar Ulmer is one of the most highly regarded "B" movie directors of all time. In a move akin to the dolphins, he went back. When he graduated to "A" ticket movies, he realized he could have a lot more fun and control in the "B"s so he returned. Of course having an affair with the wife of a studio boss had something to do with it as well. "The Black Cat" was the first pairing of horror icons Karloff and Lugosi, both at the top of their games. The Bauhaus design influences make for some startling sets and incredible imagery. Be warned, be very warned, even though this film was made in 1934 it deals with some very mature subject matter by today's standards.

Pridemore Playhouse


Lovers:Winners by Brian Friel

February 18th, 19th & 20th at 8pm
February  21st  at 2 & 8pm

Revisit the sunshine of young love with Joe and Mag, two starry-eyed teenagers. With all their lives stretched out before them they dream and bicker about the promise of a future together as they while away a beautiful afternoon in this poignant work from the modern Irish master Brian Friel.

The Studio Theatre


Medea by Euripides, translated by Diane Arnson Svarlien

April 15th at 10am
April 16th, 17th & 18th at 8pm
April 19th at 2pm

A scheming sorceress? A stranger in a strange land? or just a woman scorned? Her story reverberates across the ages as it plumbs the darker recesses of the human soul when despair and revenge commingle to equal one unspeakable act. Her name…Medea.

Pridemore Playhouse