Governor's School

Summer residential Governor’s School for Medicine and Health Sciences
June 23-July 20, 2024
Roanoke, VA

At the Summer Residential Governor’s School for Medicine and Health Sciences in Roanoke, you will explore medicine and the health sciences as a foundation for integrated study. This will take place through:

  • Connection between research in health sciences and the practice of medicine.
  • Exploring various aspects of medicine and health sciences through diverse and synergistic thinking and questioning. Students are engaged in hands-on classroom activities.
  • Immersion in complex analysis and critical thinking exercises which involve real-world scenarios to deepen their understanding of concepts and practices within the medical field.

The Medical and Health Sciences SRGS program is suited for students with a serious interest in science, curiosity about the effects of science in the fields of medicine and health care, and motivation to spend a month in a rigorous, academically accelerated setting during the summer. The Governor’s School is a partnership between Radford University and the Blue Ridge Partnership for Health Sciences Careers. 

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Summer Residential Governor's School for Visual & Performing Arts and Humanities
June 23 - July 20, 2024
Radford, VA

As a Visual and Performing Arts and Humanities Summer Regional Governor’s School student, you will:

  • Engage in a college experience in the arts or humanities while enjoying campus resources, living in residence halls, and connecting with professors who mentor you.
  • Experience hands-on learning experiences to develop real world skills. 
  • Build relationships and a sense of belonging with peers in evening and weekend activities. 
  • Build your portfolio and résumé as you showcase your work for peers and faculty.

The Governor’s School for Visual & Performing Arts and Humanities serves rising junior and senior high school students by providing impactful and dynamic college learning experiences.

Since their inception in 1973, the Virginia Governor's Schools have been providing some of the state's most able students with academically challenging and enriching programs that reach far beyond what is offered in their public school. With the support of the General Assembly and the Board of Education, the Governor's Schools include summer residential, summer regional, and academic-year programs. Educational opportunities are available in science, mathematics, technology, the arts, and humanities. Participants' experiences are consistent with Virginia's Standards of Learning as identified by the Virginia Department of Education.

If you are reading this, we strongly encourage you apply.