Health and Safety

All Governor’s School and Radford University policies and procedures must be followed at all times. Identification The Governor’s School name badge must be worn at all times when you are out of your dorm room. Your badge is required for entrance into the dining hall and into all school activities. Outside visitors are not allowed at any time during Governor’s School. This includes family members and friends. This also includes the "Works In Progress" recitals and concerts conducted during the week. The Governor’s School strives to achieve a safe, cohesive, and self-contained environment in which students can study and come to know one another with minimal risk and distractions. Family members and friends are encouraged to attend the Showcases conducted on the final day of Gov School!

Fire Drills/Evacuations

When a fire alarm sounds, you should calmly evacuate the building immediately through the appropriate exits. You will then gather with your resident counselor group or class in the designated location and attendance will be taken. You will receive additional instructions at that time. To ensure safety, you are expected to comply with all instructions given by Governor’s school employees, university officials and/or emergency personnel. After Dark Students must not leave the residence hall after 9:30 pm without a counselor.

Access Cards & Keys

An access card will be assigned to each student. This card is needed to enter the assigned residence hall as well as the dining hall. A residence hall room key will be assigned to each student. The key and access card must remain with the student at all times. Governor’s School students are responsible for their room keys. A lost room key requires a re-core of the door lock. Any Governor’s School student who loses a key will be charged $100 to cover the cost of labor and lock re-core.

Off Campus

During orientation, the campus boundaries will be made clear. Students are not allowed to leave the campus unless accompanied by a Governor’s School employee. During Governor’s School off-campus events, you are required to wear your name badge for identification. When traveling off campus, students must always stay with the residence counselor and their assigned groups.

Student Medical & Emergency

Any illness whether slight or severe, must be reported to the residence counselor immediately. If medical treatment is necessary, you will be escorted to the student health clinic for evaluation and treatment. If you suspect an injury or illness is life threatening, contact campus police immediately by dialing X5500 on any campus phone or 540-831-5500. Make sure your counselor is notified as well. A local rescue squad will transport you to the New River Valley Medical Center, located seven minutes from campus

Please note that the Student Health Center requires a $55 co-pay. Please make sure the student is prepared to remit this payment should medical treatment be sought at the Student Health Center.

The Governor’s School staff will not provide or administer any over-the-counter medication to students. Students should bring these types of medication with them if needed. This includes Tylenol, Ibuprofen, decongestants, antihistamines, topical creams, and other o-t-c medications. Prescription medications may be administered through the Student Health Center.

Student medical history and information must be current upon arrival to the Governor’s School. This includes all prescription medications, dietary restrictions, and allergies. Parents MUST fully and accurately complete medical forms provided on These forms, along with copies of personal insurance information, prescription card, Authorization for Administering Prescription Medicine, and driver’s license or photo ID, must be completed during the online registration process. All health information is considered confidential and will only be shared with Governor’s School director and health care providers on a need-to-know basis.

Student Searches

In order to provide a safe and disciplined environment conducive to learning, and protect the safety and welfare of students, staff, and faculty, Governor’s School personnel may search a student’s person and/or personal effects whenever there is reasonable suspicion to believe that the student possesses illegal or unauthorized materials. The Governor’s school adheres to the Virginia Department of Education’s guidelines and standards for student searches. If illegal items are found, Governor’s School personnel will report the incident to the RU Police Department and criminal charges may result.