Adjudication Information - Theatre

Applicants will read and be familiar with the Program Description for the  Governor's School for Visual and Performing Arts. Applicants from diverse background with ability in varied theatrical genres are encouraged to apply.
  1. Applicants for Governor's School will perform one memorized monologue* approximately two minutes in length.
    * For these auditions, the term monologue is defined as "a solo passage from a play." Poetry that is not from a play, and other nondramatic literature, may not be used, nor may the selection be taken from a book of monologues or from any unpublished work (including original material). Students must have read the entire play from which the monologue has been selected. Please avoid selections from period plays such as Shakespeare, Molière, and Marlowe.
  2. All applicants are required to participate in an improvisation with other performers in addition to their monologue. The adjudicators will set up these improvisations after applicants have finished their prepared materials, and they will ask applicants to make some adjustments and to answer some questions during this part of the audition.
  3. The audition will be scheduled for ten (10) minutes.
  4. Applicants will be adjudicated on the following:
    1. Vocal Ability -- Did the performer demonstrate effective vocal control over variables, such as rate, pitch, force, and tone?
    2. Physical Ability -- Did the performer demonstrate effective control of physical variables, such as gestures, movement, business, and non verbal behavior? Was the body well used?
    3. Preparation for the Audition -- Did the performer select appropriate audition materials? Did the performer appear well rehearsed? Did the performer appear to have a thorough understanding of his/her character's objectives and functions in the play and of the style and mood of the dramatic literature being performed?
    4. Performance Decisions -- Did the performer choose, or create, good points of emphasis, personality attributes, performance rhythms, etc., to create a believable character? Was the performer a creative risk taker?
    5. Overall Impression -- Did the performer demonstrate stage presence, confidence, spontaneity, and creativity?
  5. Applicants are encouraged to select monologues portraying characters close to the applicant's own age. Performance will be done in comfortable, rehearsal clothes, not in costumes. Props and/or sets (other than a chair) will not be used.
  6. Applicants must do a vocal and physical warm-up on their own before auditioning.
  7. Applicants will be asked questions in reference to their art form and role in group learning.