The R.E.A.L. Program

The REAL Curriculum relies on a traditional 120 credit hour bachelors degree program but fulfills general education requirements by acknowledging the learning and skills taking place in majors, minors, and certificates across our campus. 

The School of Communication offers two different majors and five concentrations, providing a broad and diverse array of opportunities for students.  Written, spoken, and digital Communication skills are vital in the contemporary job market. A Communication or Media Studies degree prepares students for the global workforce and professional public service communication. 

 Why Study Communication?

  • For your future: Communication skills are among the top attributes that employers consider when hiring college graduates, according to the National Association of Colleges and Employers. Our School prepares students to write well, speak effectively, and use the latest digital media technologies. 
  • For your personal growth: Our classes help students understand communication, improving  both their personal and professional lives. 
  • For hands-on experience: Our classes combine theoretical and practical approaches to communication.  From our world-class television studio, audio and video editing suites, digital publishing infrastructure and social media watch laboratory, our classes give students access to disciplinary knowledge and practical experience.

How can you get started?

  • Start with any of our introductory courses: COMS 104, COMS 114, COMS 130, COMS 146, COMS 173, or COMS 225, all of which carry a REAL designation. These courses allow you to gain a broader sense of concepts that form the foundation of the communication discipline, and each of our five concentrations. 
  • Not sure which one to choose? Everyone in the School of Communication must take COMS 130 – start there!
  • The Communication major offers the REAL A designation in the concentration in Communication Studies and plan on gaining the REAL E designation. The Public Relations concentration offers the L designation and plan on gaining the REAL A designation.
  • The Media Studies major offers the REAL L designation in all three concentrations. (journalism, advertising, and media production concentrations). 


Communication: PR & Communication Studies

Digital Communication (R) -- the paperwork is completed on this and will be submitted soon with an anticipated Spring 2022 approval as an R.


Professional Writing (E) 

Ethics (E)

Marketing (A,L) 

Sports Management (A) 

Management (A,L)

Business Administration (A,L) 

Media Studies

Creative writing minor (E) 

Criminal Justice minor  (AL) 

Environmental Studies minor (R)   

Design (fashion) (several minors, E,A,L) 

History minor (EA) 

International Studies minor (EA) 

Political Science minor (A)   

Sociology minor (A)  

Sports Management minor (A) 

Digital Communication (R) -- the paperwork is completed on this and will be submitted soon with an anticipated Spring 2022 approval as an R.