Pre-Law for Political Science Majors

Many Political Science students are interested in pursuing law school after graduation.

Around Campus:

Radford has a variety of resources and programs to help students decide if law school is right for them.  If law school is right for you, we can also help you develop strategies to achieve admission to the law school of your choice and to succeed in law school once you enroll.

See Dr. Allyson Yankle, pre-law advisor, for more, or contact her at Campus law society information is available online.

Radford has many opportunities for you to attend pre-law events featuring judges, admissions officials, and current law school students.

More Information about Law School:

The most important factors in law school admissions are your LSAT and GPA.  No particular major is required.  Take courses that you will like and do well in.  Get to know your professors, so you’ll be able to get strong letters of recommendation.  Take the lead on campus that shows results during your college years.

Law School generally takes three years during which students learn to reason and argue like attorneys. Law school can be extremely expensive but also very rewarding for the right people.  Inform yourself during your undergraduate years by attending pre-law events, interning in a legal office, taking pre-law classes, and other means. 

Law school rankings can be found at US News here:

Consider reading Scott Turow’s book One L on his first year at Harvard law school.  It’s a classic.  Susan Estrich’s How to Get into Law School is a great primer with lots to think about.

Resources for LSAT Preparation

There are some great LSAT practice guides from McConnell Library. Here is some information about resources that the library subscribes to, and as such, that students can access for free.

Testing and Education Reference Center is available through our Database Finder. Once in the database, select Grad School Tools > LSAT.

Search the books & eBooks in the catalog. (Link here)