Undergraduate Change/Declaration of Major Form

Undergraduate Change/Declaration of Minor Form

If you are changing your major to Psychology or adding Psychology as a second Major or as a  minor, please complete this form and email it to

- Be sure to list the major or minor name as Psychology

- Psychology does not have concentrations, so list the concentration as NA.

- Be sure to look up your catalog year on your degree audit and list the correct catalog year on this form

- Be sure to check whether you want a BA or BS. Bachelors of Arts will require at least 6 additional hours of a foreign language. Bachelors of Science will require at least 6 additional hours of MATH, STAT, ITEC, BIOL, CHEM, PHYS, GEOL, PHSC & from the physical science division of GEOG.

Psychology Course Override Request Form

To obtain an override for classes that are full or that have other restrictions (pre-requisits, instructor permission, or campus restrictions), complete the electronic override form and email it to

Note: you will need a separate form for each class for which you are requesting an override.