Research in the Department of Psychology

The Department of Psychology at Radford University has a long history of conducting a broad range of basic and applied research. The areas of research represented in our department include:

  • Romantic Relationships & Attachment
  • Sexual Identity
  • Treatment of Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Effects of Drugs on Memory and Learning
  • Mapping Neural Pathways for Memory and Learning
  • Employee Evaluation, Development, & Training
  • Outcomes of Child Abuse
  • Organizational Leadership and Decision Making
  • Gender & Power
  • Aging, Health, & Cognition
  • Behavioral Interventions in School Settings

The Department of Psychology also provides a great many opportunities for students to be involved in research as participants and as student researchers. The department’s SONA research participation scheduling system allows students enrolled in many psychology courses to sign up for studies to earn either course credit or extra credit in approved psychology courses.