Research Opportunities

Faculty Seeking Undergraduate and Graduate Student Research Assistants

The following faculty regularly seek motivated students to work on ongoing research projects or in topics of general interest:

  • Katie Arnold - Cognitive and Neural Basis of Memory and Learning, Applications to Improve Teaching Prectices
  • Jeff Aspelmeier – Social Attitudes, Attachement and Romantic Relationships, Resilience, and First-Generation College Students
  • Dan Berry - Social Psychology
  • Jay Caughron – Leadership, Workplace Aggression, Creativelity, Innovation, and Ethical-Decision Making in Social and Organizational Settings.
  • Matt Eckard – Neurobehavioral effects of drug and cannabinoid dependence
  • Dayna Hayes – Effects of Alcohol and Nicotine on the Brain
  • Eric Mesmer – Behavioral Interventions in School Settings
  • Jennifer Mabry – Topics in School Psychology
  • Tom Pierce – Reminiscence, Aging, & Cognition; Psychophysiology; EEG; and Learing in the Classroom.
  • Teresa Ristow - I/O Psychology, Artificial Intelligence
  • Jenessa Steele – Aging, Health Beh., Relationships, & Social Support