Psychology Minor

The Department of Psychology offers a Minor in Psychology, which consists of 18 hours of course work. Half of the credits applied to the minor must be take at Radford University or Radford University Carillion.

Please be aware that the psychology minor will not cover any of the REAL Curriculum Areas. However most students will have enough free electives complete the psychology minor after completing their Major and the REAL Curriculum Requirments.

How can I get more information about the Minor

The Undergradaute Program Coordinator, Dr. Ann Elliott, would be happy to answer anyquestions you may have about the minor.

Declaring the Psychology Minor

Just like everything else in college, adding the psychology minor starts with paperwork; A Declaration/Change of Major/Minor form, to be specific,. You will need to complete the form and email it to The form and the directions for submitting it can be found HERE.

Minor Requirements

Psychology Minor (18 semester hours)

Starting in 2019-2020 Catalog Year - requirements for the minor have changed. Review appropriate Undergraduate Catalogs for minor requirements for other Catalog Years

The psychology minor requires 18 semester hours of psychology, including:


PSYC 121. Introductory Psychology.


Developmental Core:
PSYC 230. Lifespan Developmental Psychology. (3 hrs)
PSYC 317. Child Psychology. (3 hrs)

Biological Core:
PSYC 377. Introduction to Sensation and Perception. (3 hrs)
PSYC 378. Brain and Behavior. (3 hrs)
PSYC 410. Psychopharmacology. (3 hrs)

Social/Cultural Core:
PSYC 343. Social Psychology. (3 hrs)
PSYC 361. Psychology of Personality. (3 hrs)

Cognition/Learning Core:
PSYC 320. Introduction to Cognitive Psychology. (3 hrs)
PSYC 333. Principles of Learning. (3 hrs)

Electives: Any 3 additional courses in Psychology  (9 hrs)

Total Minimum Number of Credits Needed for Minor: 18 hrs