Evaluation Fees and Billing

Polices, Fees and Payment

Clients do not have to be affiliated with RU to use CAPS services. Clients are provided services by appointment only—we do not provide walk-in, crisis or emergency services. Given graduate student involvement in service delivery, we also do not provide services to clients that are currently suicidal, violent, or those seeking evaluations for legal purposes (e.g., custody issues).  

CAPS has a sliding scale and payment plans for evaluation and intervention/counseling services. We provide services at a reduced fee—often 2-3 times lower than private practice evaluation services.  We do not accept insurance and insurance providers do not typically reimburse for services provided for a flat fee and/or by graduate student trainees. For this reason, agreeing to receive services at CAPS means you will pay the full costs for services received out-of-pocket. Clients may wish to contact their insurance company to determine if they can be reimbursed directly for all, or a portion, of our fees. You are also welcome to contact your health plan for additional information or if you wish to find an in-network provider or facility. CAPS clients are entitled to protections under the No Surprises Act and A Good Faith Estimate of charges will be provided to you prior to your first appointment. Information regarding your rights under this law can be found below.

 We only accept cash, check or money order at this time. Please contact us directly by email (caps@radford.edu) for more information about current fees and polices.