Statement On Anti-Racism

In alignment with President Hemphill’s letter in response to the death of George Floyd, Radford University Academic Programs stands with the Black community and all those who have experienced oppression, discrimination, and systemic disadvantage. The injustice of recent national events contradicts our Highlander values for inclusivity, community, and student empowerment and success.  Our educational mission is at risk when our students, our faculty, our staff, and our community endure systemic racism.

As the faculty, staff, and administrators of Academic Programs, we are committed to the pursuit of diversity, equity, and inclusion in our professional and personal lives. As we partner with our campus community to combat systemic racism, we accept President Hemphill’s challenge to recommit ourselves, our actions, and our thoughts to understanding and improving our society. To this end, we pledge to:

·       Engage in the self-exploration and critical conversations necessary to grow our knowledge and skills as change agents

·       Interrogate our practices, policies, and procedures through a lens of equity and accountability

·       Evaluate our performance data for markers of inequity and act on opportunities for inclusivity

·       Partner with other campus constituents to share inclusion resources and strategies

·       Create a place where all students can feel valued, safe, and respected

·       Listen to the voices of all students and acknowledge multiple perspectives as part of our community

·       Engage students in critical exploration of the intersection of oppressive systems and educational goals

Through these actions, we aim to empower each other, our campus community, and our students to dismantle systems of racism where they exist in our institutions and communities. Each of us in Radford University Academic Programs will continue to challenge ourselves, promote inclusive teaching and learning, and partner with our students to move our communities toward social justice.