3-D Printing

3D-printed skull and braille accessible game piece prototype

From fall 2018 to fall 2023, CITL maintained a 3D printing resource for the campus community. At present, we are unable to do any printing; however, students in need of printing services should visit the Peery Makerspace to consult and make an appointment. Their spring 2024 hours are:

Mon 4-9pm
Tues 5-9pm
Wed 3-9pm
Thurs 5-9pm

CITL continues to maintain two CAD stations for clients interested to design their own models using software environments including MAYA, Cinema 4D and Blender.

Below are examples from CITL clients from around campus which have included partnerships between geology and education students studying erosion and fossilized remains, as well as occupational therapy students developing assistive writing technologies for individuals without fingers. CITL has also printed game pieces, garment accessories, armor, dinosaur models, models of the larynx. and fossil fascimiles.  

photo of Raise3D printer

The Raise3D large-format printer.

3D-printed dinosaur being painted

3D-printed dinosaur being painted. Original model was printed with gray filament.

3D-printed trophy top of a running shoe

A trophy top of a running shoe printed for a faculty award.


Unassembled human larynx, resin-printed.

Digital model of the item to be 3-D printed.

Digital model of an assistive writing device to be 3-D printed.

3D-printed assistive writing tool for individuals without fingers

3D-printed assistive writing tool for individuals without fingers