Policies and Procedures

Policies and Procedures

The Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning (CITL) is open to the Radford University community including, faculty, staff, students, and alumni for educational purposes. Patrons wishing to use the CITL may contact a staff member by telephone at 540-831-5974 for an appointment. The CITL suite is located on the second floor of McConnell Library, the main entrance is Room 271.

Scheduling Appointments

In an effort to provide exceptional service, the CITL requests that all patrons schedule an appointment with a staff person in advance. Appointments are filled on a first come, first serve basis. Those patrons with scheduled appointments will receive priority over walk-ins. Each patron's name, status (faculty, staff, or student) and e-mail address will be recorded in a database for administrative purposes. Arriving more than 15 minutes late to an appointment may require the patron to reschedule.

CITL resources are to be used only for educational purposes.

There is no charge for consulting, training or resources usage in the CITL.  

Workstation Signups

Patrons wishing to use the CITL workshop space may do so on an appointment/reservation basis. Resources include media prodution/creation software, drawing tablets, fiber arts (laser cutting, sewing, vinyl cutting, button maker, heat press), scanning, electronic presentations, audio and video.

Use of resources requires training, and is thereafter available by reservation. Once trained, patrons can make reservations by phone (540-831-5974), email (citl@radford.edu) or in-person. There is a three hour limit per day (nine hours per week) for these workstations. Signups are done on a weekly basis, starting on Monday. If a patron is late for his/her reservation, the workstation will be released after 15 minutes have expired from the reservation time.

CITL workstations are designed for short-term usage. As a result of the large storage capacity required for audio and video projects, the CITL requires prior arrangements regarding the development of long-term projects. Storage drives are routinely erased at the end of each semester. Files left on a storage drive take up valuable space, and may be deleted sooner if inactivity from a patron becomes evident.


The CITL staff provides training in a variety of instructional technology and new media skill areas to faculty, staff, students and alumni. As such, the staff of the CITL attempts to provide these services in a variety of different formats including classroom instruction, online tutorials, and individual consultation. Semesterly agendas for classroom-based faculty and staff technology training will be developed in conjunction with Academic Computing, and will be publicized near the beginning of each semester.

Any faculty member requesting the services of CITL staff to provide classroom training to his/her students is asked to contact the CITL via phone at 831-5974 or in-person at least two weeks prior to the requested training date. In an order to provide individualized service to the faculty member, CITL staff will meet with the faculty member to design a training agenda to specifically meet the students’ needs.

The staff of the CITL will continue to build its repository of online training materials in order to better serve the needs of the university community. Any development requests should be forwarded to citl@radford.edu or to the director at 540-831-5974.

Any faculty, staff or student requesting an individual training session with a CITL staff member should contact the CITL to set up an appointment.