Faculty Training and Development

The Center For Innovative Teaching and Learning (CITL), in collaboration with other departments on campus, conducts faculty training and orientation programs throughout the year. Announcements are emailed to faculty in advance of each event and posted to the CITL website. In addition, CITL works with other campus offices to facilitate New Faculty Orientation each August. Our flagship event is Our Turn, a time in which faculty and staff voluntarily offer training sessions to their peers in a variety of academic and skill areas.


The CITL staff provides training in a variety of instructional technology and new media skill areas to faculty, staff, students and alumni. As such, the staff of the CITL attempts to provide these services in a variety of different formats including classroom instruction, online tutorials, and individual consultation. Semesterly agendas for classroom-based faculty and staff technology training will be developed in conjunction with Academic Computing, and will be publicized near the beginning of each semester.

Any faculty member requesting the services of CITL staff to provide classroom training to his/her students is asked to contact the CITL via phone at 831-5974 or in-person at least two weeks prior to the requested training date. In an order to provide individualized service to the faculty member, CITL staff will meet with the faculty member to design a training agenda to specifically meet the students’ needs.

The staff of the CITL will continue to build its repository of online training materials in order to better serve the needs of the university community. Any development requests should be forwarded to citl@radford.edu or to the director at 540-831-5974.

Any faculty, staff or student requesting an individual training session with a CITL staff member should contact the CITL to set up an appointment.

The Center for Diversity and Inclusion offers a Safe Zone Training.  To enroll in the Safe Zone Training 1 course online, search "safe zone" on D2L and self-enroll.  To set up an in-person training, contact the CDI.