GlowForge Laser Cutting: Randy The Brain

A quick overview of creating and printing a design on the GlowForge laser cutter. Click full-screen to expand video!

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The CITL Workshop is part of the campus network of Maker spaces, and represents a convergence of media, design, making, outreach, innovation, research and creativity-driven teaching and learning. The space features multiple workstations and resources including practical tools; a Double robot; media production software and hardware; drones; digital cutting (Cricut and GlowForge), sewing and embroidery; apparal design and laminating; and, magnet, button and badge making.

For GlowForge users/newcomers, you can download this handy GlowForge How-To (and for Krita users, there is a Vectorizing How-To).

For Cricut users/newcomers, you can download this handy How-To document.

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CITL Workshop activities include:

- Faculty, Staff and Student Consultation
- Small group workshops
- Fiber Arts
- Faculty development
- Teaching systems R&D
- Media development
- Electronics
- Student entrepreneurship
- Programming and design
- K12 and community outreach

thread spools
Image of GlowForge laser-cut prints

If you are interested to use the workshop, you can contact us at to set up an appointment. You can also stop by and visit us on the second floor of McConnell Library. Use of equipment requires training, and is thereafter available by reservation. Once trained, you can make reservations by email ( or phone (540-831-5974) or in-person. There is a three hour limit per day for workstations. Skipped reservations will be released after 15 minutes have expired from the reservation time.


  • CITL staff members are not permitted to develop, create, or modify any patron work.
  • CITL resources may not be used to create for-profit or other non-academic media/material/property.
  • CITL will comply with U.S. law regarding fair use and copyright and will respect rights of all intellectual property. Information regarding fair use and copyright is available online.
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