Consultation Services

CITL faculty and staff regularly consult with faculty, staff and students who are seeking help and guidance in learning to leverage new pedagogies, learning models and technologies. For years the CITL (fomerly the TLC and formerly formerly the Multimedia Center) have provided instruction and learning opportunities for faculty, staff and students interested to learn and apply new skills such as those represented in video, audio, hybrid and online courses, photography, mobile technologies, cloud computing, maker events, and the like. Often, such learning is driven by new pedagogies and learning models. This can happen via one-on-one sessions as well as large-group presentations and institutes.

For interested faculty, Dr. Heather Keith has created a Course Innovation Checklist (click to view/download PDF).

Faculty consultations have often led to larger-scale research and learning projects that have greatly enhanced the learning process for both faculty and their students. 


Scheduling Appointments

In an effort to provide exceptional service, the CITL requests that all patrons with instructional needs schedule an appointment with a staff person in advance. Appointments are filled on a first come, first serve basis. Those patrons with scheduled appointments will receive priority over walk-ins. Each patron's name, status (faculty, staff, or student) and e-mail address will be recorded in a database for administrative purposes. Arriving more than 15 minutes late to an appointment may require the patron to reschedule.

The software and hardware in the CITL is to be used only for instructional and educational purposes.

There is no charge for consulting or training in the CITL. To schedule a consultation session, email, call 540-831-5974 or stop by the second floor of McConnell Library to make an appointment.