Creative Initiatives and Spaces


Creativity in Teaching and Learning

The CITL advocates for and facilitates the use of creativity in teaching and learning. CITL faculty seek to explore ways in which innovative trends and ideas can manifest themselves at Radford University, and seek to provide advocacy for faculty, students and others engaged in innovative teaching and learning. Such initiatives can take the form of progressive pedagogies, project-based work, interdisciplinary collaboration, game-based learning, student film, Maker projects and community outreach initiatives. The CITL interfaces with faculty, staff and community partners to promote the role of creativity at all levels of education, and to build bridges with like-minded professionals to create unique opportunities for collaboration, research and professional development. 

Visit the areas in this part of the site to learn about our on-site creative spaces (Media space, iLab and Drone Research) as well as community outreach and teaching learning initiatives. Please visit the Media space link to make a reservation to use a workstation.

AND, visit the EVENTS area of the site to learn about our annual events for faculty, staff and students.