Fast Track Programs

We are excited that you are joining the Radford family.  Below we have provided some basic information as it pertains to our fast track programs.  We encourage you to review the provided information and connect with us if you have any additional questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which FAFSA do I submit to receive aid?

2022-2023: Fall A & B 2022, Spring A & B 2023, Summer A & B 2023

2023-2024: Fall A & B 2023, Spring A & B 2024, Summer A & B 2024

  • How is aid awarded for the fast track programs?

Aid is awarded for the full academic year.  All offered aid will be split evenly between the terms the student is anticipated to be enrolled.  For example, if you start the program in the Fall A session, your aid will be divided into six equal disbursements.  If you start the program in the Spring A session, your aid will be divided into four equal disbursements

  • How many credit hours do I need to take to receive financial aid?

Fast Track students must enroll in a minimum of three (3) credits each session, with a total of six (6) credits each term to be eligible to receive aid.

  • How am I notified about my aid offer?

All eligible students will be emailed when the aid offer is posted.  Students are required to complete the steps as outlined in the portal in order to accept their aid to assist with tuition and fee charges.  Information and assistance about accepting aid is found online –

  • Am I eligible for university scholarships? 

Fast Track students are not eligible for the Highlander Distinction Scholarship or Academic in Excellence Transfer scholarships. Fast Track students may be eligible for Foundation Scholarships.

  • When will my financial aid be applied to my student account?

Fast Track financial aid will not disburse to the university, and financial aid refunds will not be issued until the week after the census date each term.

Undergraduate fast track students who at the time of review are enrolled in three (3) credit hours for the A term but are not yet registered for the B term will have their financial aid for the A term adjusted accordingly, but a hold will be placed on their financial aid that will prevent it from being disbursed until after the B term’s census date and their eligibility to receive aid for A based on enrollment has been confirmed.

  • What are the financial aid academic progress requirements for Fast Track Students?

Financial Aid academic eligibility requirements and academic progress standards do not differ from that of other students, with the exception that satisfactory academic progress plans will be written to include two (2) consecutive sessions (Fall A and Fall B) rather than by a traditional academic term (Fall). The Radford University Financial Aid satisfactory academic progress policy can be found at