COVID Financial Aid Information

Our aim is to keep you as informed as possible about changes in Financial Aid that are influenced by COVID-19.  This information is a great place to start regarding questions you may have about your financial aid for the current term and future terms.

Update to Institutional Scholarship Renewal Policy

Students who are currently receiving a Red & White or an Academic Excellence Scholarship will be exempt from the 24-hour completion requirement in order to have their scholarships renewed.  All students will still be expected to maintain the required 3.2 GPA.

Update to Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy

For students who elect the credit/no credit grading option coursework will be treated like a course taken pass/fail.  Courses where a student earns CRH or CRL will be considered attempted and completed courses for financial aid purposes.  Courses where a student earns NC will be considered attempted, but not completed hours.

The Department of Education acknowledges that a mid-semester transition for students to online learning presents many challenges.  As a financial aid office, we are working diligently to continue to review our progress policy and will be making updates as additional guidance is made available.  Please review our policy at

CARES Act Funding  

The CARES Act, as recently authorized by the United States Congress, provides funding for education, including colleges and universities to distribute to students who have expenses related to education disruptions due to the COVID-19 outbreak.  At this time, Radford University is determining a structure in order to distribute the allocated funding that is designated for students.  The University has convened a team to work on a strategy to distribute funds to students.  Once that structure is finalized, detailed information will be shared with students.   

Continued Payment of Federal Work Study and Institutional Work Scholarship students

Radford University is committed to supporting our federal work study and institutional work scholarships students through the conclusion of the spring semester.  The announcement was distributed to students and is also available on the Radford University COVID 19 website.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am currently on a Satisfactory Academic Progress Plan, how will credit/no credit impact my eligibility for next year?

The new grade options have different effects on your Progress Plan depending on the reason you are not meeting Satisfactory Academic Progress.  Most situations are described below.  If, however you have additional questions about your eligibility for the coming semester, please schedule a time to talk a financial aid counselor.  Schedule an appointment online with a financial aid counselor.  

Progress Plan for Qualitative Issues – not meeting GPA standards

If you are on a Progress Plan due to your GPA being below the standard changing to the credit/no credit grading options will not assist you in raising your GPA because the credits will not calculate in your GPA.

Progress Plan for Quantitative Issues – not completing the required percentage of courses

If you are on a Progress Plan because you had not earned the minimum number of hours towards your degree program courses where you earn CRH or CRL will count as completed hours.  Any course where you earn NC will not count as completed towards your required completed courses.

Progress for Maximum Timeframe

If you are on a Progress Plan because you have reached your 150% timeframe allowed for study courses, those in which you earn CRH or CRL will count as completed courses.

My family has been significantly financially affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. What can I do for additional financial aid consideration?

We understand that the COVID-19 pandemic may have a financial impact on our students and families. The full financial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is unknown.  We encourage you to schedule an appointment to have your family talk with a financial aid counselor about your situation.  They can provide you with the best suggestions on what options might be available to you.