Applying for Financial Aid

Application Information

Radford University uses the results of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as the primary document to determine aid eligibility. The 2024-2025 academic year FAFSA launched in December 2023.  Be sure to file your FAFSA by the priority filing date of March 1, 2024.  If you have any questions about filing the FAFSA please contact our office.

Please note that the Department of Education FAFSA form does not request you to make a payment in order for it to be processed. If you are asked to pay an application fee you are not completing the FAFSA.

If you are a Virginia resident who is not eligible to complete the FAFSA, you could be eligible to submit the Virginia Alternative State Aid (VASA) Application.  Virginians who are nonimmigrants, undocumented, have Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) status or are otherwise ineligible to file the FAFSA can apply to be considered for state aid.

The VASA application provides access to state and some institutional financial aid programs. The VASA application does not provide access to federal student aid.  

Summer Financial Aid

Students who are interested in Summer Financial Aid should enroll in all summer courses by April 1st, will receive priority consideration.  Enrolling by the priority date means that you will be reviewed for available aid before Summer classes begin. 

We will continue to review students who register after April 1st, but students will be expected to make payment arrangements prior to the bill deadline.  We cannot guarantee that your application will be reviewed prior to the bill deadline.

Students who will be applying for Private Education loans, Graduate PLUS loans or have parents applying for Parent PLUS loans should have all applications submitted prior to April 29th.  Loan applications submitted by April 29th will be reflected on the bill to assist with the deferment of summer charges.  Loan application submitted after April 29th will be processed in the order they are received, but we cannot guarantee that they will be posted prior to the bill deadline.

Learn more about summer financial aid eligibility.

Wintermester Financial Aid

Financial aid is generally not available for the Wintermester session. We recommend that you save part of your fall financial aid refund to pay towards your Wintermester classes. However, there are some Private Education Lenders that will allow students to borrow money to cover tuition and fees costs.

Students who intend to apply for these loans should do so at least 60 days prior to the billing date. Students, who have financial aid for the spring semester that exceeds their spring university charges may sign an agreement to defer Wintermester charges until spring refunds are received. 

To see if you are eligible for this deferment please complete the Wintermester Charges Deferment form that is available upon request in our office. If a deferment request is approved and the student does not attend the spring semester, the student will be required to pay the Wintermester charges owed immediately to the university. 

Please contact the Radford University Financial Aid Office if you have any questions at or by phone at 540-831-5408.

Late Financial Aid Applications

Although our priority deadline for filing the FAFSA is March 1, you may complete your FAFSA after this date. We will continue to process all FAFSAs received throughout the academic year.  The priority deadline means that your application will be considered for all eligible aid programs.  All applicants filing after the deadline will be reviewed for remaining available aid programs.

Prior to the end of each academic year a deadline for receiving FAFSAs is established. Because the application review and verification process can take several weeks to complete we cannot guarantee that applications received after this deadline will be processed.  You can learn more about deadlines for each term and academic year by reviewing the financial aid timeline.

We recommend that you work diligently to meet the established deadlines. Missing financial aid deadlines will cause you to miss out on grant and scholarship opportunities.