How to Avoid Processing Delays

Submit FAFSA and all required documentation by the deadlines

With over 9,000 FAFSA filers at Radford University applicants that file by the February 1 deadline and complete their application are given priority in the review and awarding process.

Enter all of the requested information on the FAFSA when you complete the initial application.

Dependent students often omit parent information in the hopes that they will be considered independent for financial aid purposes.  Radford University uses the guidelines for dependency status as they are defined by the questions on the FAFSA.  If you are prompted for your parent’s information while completing the FAFSA it should be provided to prevent your application from not being processed.

Follow up with your Student Aid Report (SAR)

Students often neglect to review their SAR and confirm that the FAFSA application was processed and is complete.  If you are missing required data or signature your FAFSA is considered “rejected” and cannot be processed.  If you thoroughly review your SAR you can confirm that your FAFSA is complete and is waiting to be reviewed by the school.

Students and parents should confirm that the following information is correct on the SAR –

  • Student Social Security Number
  • Student Date of Birth
  • Parent Social Security Number
  • Parent Date of Birth

Submit all requested documentation in a timely manner

Student applications are reviewed, processed, and awarded based on the time that the application is considered complete.  It is imperative that all documentation be submitted as soon the request is received.

Parents and students should ensure that they have provided the appropriate signatures on requested forms and also include the student’s name and ID number so we may link the documents to the correct student.

Complete all information requested on forms

If the Financial Aid Office has requested that you complete a form, please enter all of the information on the form.  If you have any questions about the form, please contact our office so that we can walk you through completing the form.